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Ofsted: when an inspector calls! Leadership & Management

30-Minute Masterclass

Ofsted’s leadership and management judgement is about how leaders, managers and those responsible for governance ensure that the education that schools provide has a positive impact on all its pupils. This 30-Minute Masterclass looks at best practice in schools for using MIS to evidence expectations, outcomes, engagement, coherence, consistency workload and governance.

Thursday 2nd December 2021 15:30PM
It's free!
30 minutes + 15 minute Q&A

About the presenter: Gary Henderson – School Partnership at Scomis

Gary Henderson joined Scomis in 2018 after 34 years of working in and with schools. He has over 14 years’ experience at a senior level in three Cornish Secondary schools where he has led Curriculum, Assessment, Strategic Data and Timetabling. These schools have ranged in size from 640 to over 1400 pupils. He is familiar with many of the day-to-day challenges that schools face. Gary has also worked alongside a variety of Primary, Secondary and Special Schools as a Local Authority Adviser.