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Review and improve your remote education provision via Microsoft 365 for Education in line with DfE guidance

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

In September 2021, DfE issued new guidance on remote education provision. So in this 30-Minute Masterclass we’ll help you:

1. Identify and brush up on best practice in Microsoft 365 for Education
2. Plan efficient use of Class Teams and Communications collaboration areas
3. Use Microsoft to solve problems for teaching and learning
4. Streamline communications to improve collaboration and engagement with stakeholders on a trust or school level.

About the presenter: Paul Beavis – Education & Product Specialist at Scomis

Paul has over 25 years of EdTech experience working within the Youth, Community and Mainstream Education sectors. He was ICT Systems Manager for a Learning Trust in the South West of England for nine years. He is familiar with many of the unique challenges that schools face with the use of educational technology. Paul has a wealth of knowledge in leveraging the power of Digital Education Platforms as a teaching tool, and is an expert in cloud solutions.