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Scomis Virtual Events

This year due to the pandemic, we have redesigned our events programme to be accessible online. By taking this approach we aim to offer more flexibility and choice to our customers as the content is accessible nationally.

Virtual Events

Our comprehensive program of free of charge events include live demonstrations from our product specialists, covering a range of topics and challenges. All sessions will be recorded and if you would like to access any of the recordings from previous sessions run during the Autumn and Spring terms please click here

SIMS, Google for Education and Microsoft 365 in 2021 (Scomis Bite Size)

A series of short free hints and tips videos. Released throughout the Summer term, subscribe to our Bite Size channel now not to miss out on these helpful 10 minute guides.

Virtual Training Courses

For more in-depth training, we have created a programme of virtual training courses to replace our classroom based courses.  These cover the more complex areas you have asked us to address including timetabling and reporting.  To review the Virtual Training course schedule please click here. Don’t forget you can also access more courses covering core SIMS functionality through our ScoLearn Digital service.

Summer Term Virtual Events

We have now concluded our series of Summer Term Virtual Events, thank you to all who signed up!

Previous Events  Watch the recordings →

Alternative Curriculum for Secondary Schools

A quick look at using the Alternative Curriculum function in SIMS to keep track of students and catch-up sessions, other forms of intervention and support post Covid (Secondary Schools)

Interventions – how do you know that your planned interventions are successful and cost-effective?

As schools put in extra provision for pupils, whether for subject attainment or for pastoral reasons, SIMS Interventions offers a way of recording, monitoring and evaluating any Interventions a school have implemented. SIMS Interventions brings all the data together in one place, easily analysed and reported on in relation to costs, time and success criteria.

A walk through my favourite secondary reports in SIMs

SIMS has numerous reports built in. Here’s a look at some of the ones I find most useful (Secondary)

Discover – How graphical reporting in SIMS can transform your reports visually and save you time

Discover offers a way of drawing data from SIMS and displaying this in graphical formats – bar charts, line graphs or Venn diagrams. Drag and drop facilitates instant data manipulation. If you are looking to save time with your reports, and produce key graphics rather than tables of figures, Discover is well worth consideration.

A walk through my favourite primary reports in SIMs

SIMS has numerous reports built in. Here’s a look at some of the ones I find most useful (Primary)

Time for Housekeeping in SIMS?

Data Managers and Administrators will find out how to locate and run the key Housekeeping routines to help keep their SIMS data tidy and aid GDPR compliance.

Top Ten Tips to save Ten Minutes in SIMS

Have a look at the biggest climbers and fallers in our ongoing top ten of tips.

Engaging with Parents Beyond Lockdown

Discover how parental engagement tools can help schools and parents in a time of COVID-19 and beyond.  

This session will also show how the Parental engagement tools can increase efficiency, save time and reduce costs. Demo led by ESS SIMS of the Parent App, SIMS Pay and the communication tool SIMS InTouch.

Cyber Security Briefing

With the aim of giving non-technical education professionals an understanding of why the education sector is being targeted by criminals, this session presents steps that schools should follow to mitigate risk, ways in which schools can improve their cyber security resilience, and solutions to assist with recovery from an attack.

Top Ten Tips to save you time in Google Classroom

This session covers some basic tips that can help teachers deliver engaging content to their pupils. Followed by a 15 minute Q and A session at the end.

Are you prepared for downloading the Summer Exam Results 2021?

Guidance and documentation for Examination Officers, to support you through downloading the Summer 2021 exam results from the awarding bodies.

Top Tips to save you time in Google Workspace

This session showcases some quick wins which can help reduce duplication of work and reimburse teachers with precious time. Followed by a 15 minute Q and A session at the end.

If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover please get in touch.

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