what we do at Scomis

Consultancy And Training

Consultancy and Training Services

Scomis provide a variety of consultancy and training services to the professionals in supported schools. These services are delivered in the best way that suits the customer; by face to face on-site, by remote one to one, by joining a Webinar, by signing up for a formally delivered course in a venue near to the school or by attending one of our termly User Group meetings. Scomis has been delivering the necessary training to professional staff in schools for over 30 years with a high level of satisfaction from customers.

Webinar Training – Webtrain Service

Scomis WebTrain is a webinar based training service for primary and secondary schools that provides a more flexible and convenient way of receiving updates and access to other training that has traditionally been delivered in the classroom. WebTrain sits alongside our range of classroom based training programmes to offer a more cost-effective and timely solution for critical updates throughout the year. The service is designed to help your school with those important administrative procedures that it is critical to get right but that can consume far too much time, cause a great deal of anxiety and, if errors occur, may even have implications for your funding.

Remote Training

Scomis Remote Training is a one to one training session provided over the phone by the hour. Any school staff can book an hour with one of the team to have a bespoke training session on any of the supported applications.

Bespoke On-Site Training

These are training sessions delivered on-site for professional staff in schools on any supported applications with the content designed to satisfy the needs of the school.