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Advanced Reporting with Excel Analysis – Tutor Led Training

Maximise the power of your SIMS reports, by using predefined Excel templates to analyse data more effectively. Using SIMS, you can create reports covering a wide range of student data including pupil characteristics, SEN, attendance, assessment results, and conduct (behaviour and achievement). These reports can be designed to output as Excel spreadsheets. Excel can then be used to further format and analyse the output provided by SIMS. Excel formulas can calculate additional values and/or summarise the data, and pivot tables can provide an interactive method of investigating the data.

Session 1: 14th June 2023, Session 2: 21st June 2023
13.00 - 15.30
£242 for non-customers, £187 for Scomis customers
2 x 2.5 hour sessions
Course type
Remote tutor led course
Available Dates
Session 1: 14th June 2023
Session 2: 21st June 2023

Rather than having to manually manipulate the data in Excel each time that the report is re-run with up-to-date information, you can link an Excel template containing all the required formulas, conditional formatting and/or pivot tables to the report definition within SIMS. In this way, when the SIMS report is run the data is exported to Excel then reformatted and analysed in a single process. Once defined, the SIMS report can be run by users without requiring Excel knowledge.

This course explores using SIMS reports to extract data and Excel to automatically analyse this data. It will cover the creation of reports in SIMS and explore some of Excel’s capabilities for data analysis including formulas, conditional formatting, macros and pivot tables.

Course Requirements
Some basic knowledge of SIMS, including the Attendance and Behaviour Management areas is required to get the best from this course. Experience creating SIMS reports would also be beneficial. Some understanding of formulas and functions in Excel would be advantageous but is not essential. Maximise the power of your SIMS reports, by using predefined Excel templates to analyse data more effectively.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course you will understand:

How to link a SIMS report to a custom Excel template
Excel formulas including COUNTIF / COUNTIFS, SUMIF / SUMIFS, IFERROR plus others
How to design more complex SIMS reports
Excel conditional formatting
Excel pivot tables
Excel macros