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Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is understood to be a critical part of a child’s educational development. At Scomis, we work in partnership with Education Software Solutions (ESS), Arbor and Bromcom to offer  solutions to improve parental engagement, bridging the gap between home and school.  

Parental engagement solutions provide a joined-up approach to enable you to better engage with parents: 

  • Allowing you to communicate directly from your MIS, reducing administrative overheads and saving time and money whilst enabling you to communicate more effectively with parents and carers
  • Offering parents easy and convenient access to track their child’s progress and receive updates from school. Easy to use dashboards give an overview of their child’s attainment, attendance and achievement records from anywhere and on any device
  • Collecting payments from parents securely and cost effectively using the data you already have in your MIS, helping you reduce the time spent on payment administration. 
Image of a parent and teenage girl in a school meeting

Communicate quickly

One of the benefits of using parental engagement solutions is that parents and guardians can communicate quickly with the school and vice versa. Parents can access information without having to be notified by their children or worry that important updates aren’t reaching home. 

Parents can also notify schools and provide additional details about their child, including medical information or dietary requirements and contact details, without having to contact the school directly. 

Image of parent and child viewing a laptop screen

Manage and collect parent payments

Managing and collecting payments is not only time consuming for parents, but additional work for staff in schools to manage too. 

Whether it’s paying for a school trip or school dinners, parental engagement solutions enable parents to make school payments safely and securely. You can also send automatic alerts to parents and guardians, saving time on payment administration and sending out letters and emails as reminders. 

Image of young girl working on a laptop at home

Encourage student learning

Encouraging students to continue with their learning once they have left the school gates can be a struggle and a challenge for parents to monitorWithin parental engagement solutions, parents can view timetables and homework tasks, as well as receive updates from the school about activities and get information about progress that is going to support each childs development. 

Image of secondary school children in uniform walking

Safeguard students

Parents and guardians want to be reassured that their children are in safe hands the moment they leave their side to go to school. These solutions allow schools to notify parents if their child hasn’t arrived at school.  

Find out more about Parental Engagement

For more information about how we support parents with their child’s educational development outside of school, contact us to discuss your requirements and the benefits of parental engagement solutions for parents, students, teachers, and everyone in the school community. 

"The SIMS Parent App has given our parents an easy and convenient way to access accurate and live information on their child from their smartphone. The school has benefited from a reduction in administration and printing costs by having everything in one place."

Sally Westlake

School Business Manager, St Mary's C of E Primary School

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Image of two primary school aged children with a female teacher

St Mary’s C of E Primary School

This case study explores how the use of parental engagement tools helped St Mary’s to increase efficiency as well as better communicate and collaborate with parents by giving them a clear view of their children’s school life.

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