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The DfE has announced it will be ending the EdTech Demonstrator programme at the end of July this year. This programme offers support to schools and colleges in developing digital strategies, making effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Two EdTech Demonstrator schools – Cornerstone Academy Trust (Microsoft Showcase School) and Devonport High Schools for Boys (Google Reference School) – recently presented at ScomisLive. Their recordings with more information can be accessed via: 


Following on from October 2021’s Using Digital Technology to Improve Learning report, the Education Endowment Foundation (EFF) has published its latest summary of recommendations on Using Digital Technology to Improve Learning. 

The DfE has launched an online manual on how schools and colleges can meet IT service and digital equipment standards. The DfE plan is to add more digital and technology categories to this service in coming months. 

The UK government has finalised its climate change strategy for schools and published its policy paper: Sustainability and climate change: a strategy for the education and children’s services systems. 

In the medium-term schools will be expected to create climate action plans, and use smart meters to report on their emissions. Some practical ways that schools can reduce their environmental impact through the implementation of tech were recently outlined by Anna Artemyeva (Head of Google for Education for UK) at our recent ScomisLive event.