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Scomis Service Desk

Performance stats for the period from 1st April 2022 to 31st January 2023


Calls to Service Desk

infographic displaying 20,058 received calls

We received 20,058 calls. Of these 96.13% were answered within 30 seconds (compared to our 95% target).


Incidents logged, responded to and resolved

18,866 Incidents were logged and 18,869 incidents resolved. Of these 83% were responded to in less than one hour, with 98% responded to within eight hours. We resolved more Incidents than were logged because some Incidents were logged in the previous period.

64% were resolved within one hour of being logged, 73% within two hours and 89% resolved within eight hours of being logged.

70% of all incidents were resolved on the first contact with the customer

Service specific insights

We break down our Incident logging, responding and resolving in different ways. As an example, our most popular service was for our SIMS Support. We logged 12,337 Incidents, of which 79% resolved on first contact with the customer. The average response time was 50 minutes, and the average resolution time was four hours and two minutes.

Service Desk by phone

Telephone continues to be the most popular way that the service desk is contacted, which is no wonder when you consider that on average the waiting time for a response has been just over 13 seconds.