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Ofsted: When an Inspector Calls! Behaviour and Attitudes

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

One of the four main areas on which Ofsted has been passing judgement from September 2019 is ‘Behaviour and Attitudes.’ Moving away from academic judgements, this section focuses on students’ approach to life at school and their learning, and the importance of this to their wellbeing. In this webinar we look at how schools can use their MIS to monitor and track these criteria.

About the presenter: Craig Allen – School Leadership Partner at Scomis

Having worked in secondary schools previously, Craig joined Scomis in 2003 and has provided schools with advice and support across a range of SCOMIS services, from technical networking to MIS systems. In the latter years Craig has focussed on exploiting the MIS in schools to track attainment and progress, support behaviour policies and interventions, and has worked with large MATS on reporting systems. As a school governor, Craig continues to work on having fast, effective access to data.